Work With Me

I have been so blessed to live a life with so many experiences. Some of those experiences have led me to create things I needed that weren’t available at the time – like printables – that I’m happy to share here on this site. 

Other experiences (like having a heart for a certain mission but not having the funds to hire a huge design team) have led me to learn skills like web and graphic design. It’s something I know personally, and I hate to hear of ministries that could reach more people, more hearts, or receive more funding if others only knew they existed. If you have the ministry but need help telling others about it, let’s work together to create the perfect space for your home on the web.

And other life experiences, like being a special needs mom, being a Direct Sales leader, or being raised by my grandmother have allowed me to have a unique perspective on faith and life that few others have. I would love to be the guest speaker at your next event. You can check out some of my speaking topics here.

I can’t wait to hear what God has laid on your heart, and how I can help!

Cheering for you,