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Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 8.27.12 PMHow it Began

Hello, new friend. Have you ever heard the story of how I ended up writing this blog? No? One day I was driving my “twinfants” to daycare near my engineering job an hour away from home. About halfway there, I realized I’d forgotten their milk on the counter.  Of course I went back to get it and then started back on my way, again. As I drove, I was listening to WAY FM on the radio, and the morning host asked if there was anything that we would do for a living besides what we actually were doing. I called in and got through to the host (that never happens) and said that I would write children’s stories. But here’s the fun part. She asked, “So why don’t you?”

Oh you know, because once God gives you a calling and you don’t follow it, it’s lost. A lost cause. You only have one chance to go through the door of God’s plan for you. No sir, you can’t get it back.

Or can you?

Shortly thereafter, when I turned 30, I decided maybe I hadn’t missed the boat after all. Maybe it wasn’t too late to pursue the dream God placed in my heart decades before. I created a website for kids with free short stories for parents, teachers, and ministries. Then, God began whispering on my heart to start writing encouragement for women. That led to devotional writing, a book, book study groups for that book, bible studies, and published magazine articles for both adults AND kids.

That’s how this blog began, with a simple desire to do what God was asking at that moment – even if today’s moment is vastly different from yesterday’s moment, and even if none of the moments tie together.

These Days

The blog has evolved into a beautiful tapestry with a three-fold purpose – Encourage, Equip, Empower.

  • On it, you’ll still find my blog posts to encourage you.
  • But you’ll also find Bible Studies and devotions to equip you with a better understanding of the Bible.
  • And last, I use the graphic design skills God has gifted me with  to help empower you as a direct seller, business owner, special needs parenting via printable, web help, and web design.

Until I had that radio station phone call, I thought I’d missed my chance. But God is never through writing our stories. 

Find the blog here

Bible Studies here

And design help/printable tools here

Cheering for you,




P.S. If you need to know more about exactly what I believe, you can read my statement of faith here.