Introduction to The Sofa Series with Karen Sipps

Karen Sipps is a published devotional and Bible Study author. In her words, The Sofa Series is... Bible commentary for the "rest" of us. The ones who didn’t go to seminary, but are still fascinated with where the descendants of the tribes of Israel are today, or really want to know the back story behind why Jacob had two wives and why he worked so long for his father in law, or why did the woman at the well come in the middle of the day? Bible study asks "why", and then shares what you learned ... VIEW POST

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Welcome to The Sofa Series. Our ultimate goal in the series is to not just understand more of the Bible, but through the series, get to know who God really is. Here on the sofa, you'll pull up your comfiest chair, tuck your feet under your Snuggie, and dig into God's Word. Here, we're informal yet unafraid to dig into the hard-to-understand things in God's Word. Here, all are welcome, regardless of how much you already know (or don't!) about the Bible. Are you ready? The Reading Plan: Week ... VIEW POST


On School Schedules and Missed Conferences

It comes at random. The second-guessing. The self-shaming. Today we were driving to pick up dog food, and I look over at the passenger seat at the school schedules for the coming year. Let me give you some background. Somehow, N ended up with band on his schedule. When we picked the schedules up at the school the other night, I was pretty shocked to see he had band on his schedule when I had no intention of buying (or even renting) an instrument this year. Yes, we did band last year but the ... VIEW POST