Mom Confessions: We’re That Family Too

imageIt’s really a shame that there’s already a blog, We Are That Family, cause you know what? We are that family too.

We are that family that senses something is off center because we haven’t had enough family time, and decide on a random Saturday morning to fix that.

We are that family that throws two soccer mom chairs in the back of the trunk.


We are that family that drives five hours to the beach because that’s our second favorite happy place in a stinky car. Stinky, because someone spilled dog food in the backseat from the time we drove a stray, wet, half-starved dog home from the Piggly Wiggly to let him stay on our porch and fatten him back up before he found his way back to his own house. By the way? It was wet dog food. Not dry. Five hours of “I thought you cleaned the back seat.” “I did clean the backseat.” “Clearly not.” “Open the sunroof. And that window. And the other two. Just wait a minute, you’ll get used to it.”

We are that family that arrives at the beach and lets the GT’s splash in the ocean. Then fully immerse themselves in the ocean. Without swimsuits.


We are that family that buries each other in sand, races up the coast, makes sand castles and sand angels, and draws hearts and initials and memories in the wet sand.


Sand Angels. Like snow angels but scratchier.


Burying (Barrying) LH

image  image


LH. Beyond cool.



We are that family that gets in the stinky car and drives back home five more hours stopping only to get a $5 pizza from a Little Caesars just off the highway which we ate in the car without any plates.


Mandatory SurfStyle stop



Pizza box lids = impromptu plates


We are that family that sees a really cool town on the way home and thinks, “We should totally move there. Want to? Let’s do it.” and we’re totally 72% possibly seriously considering it.

I am that mom that listens intently on the way home when LM asks, “How do I hear God?” and I’m still searching for an answer that she can understand and grasp, because I know how I hear God, but that’s tough to explain to a 9 year old.

We are that family that sneaks a look into the back seat when we’re still an hour from home to find two tired, sunkissed, happy children snoring softly.

Did we pack a huge trunk full of stuff? No. Did we even pack swimsuits? Nope, the kids swam happily in… nevermind. Did we eat supper around the table? Nope. We didn’t do any of the things that other families would do. We did what WE do. We took a random Saturday and shook it up like our own personal snow globe to come out with something spontaneously beautiful.

And THAT IS our family.

We are that family that I love so very much, exactly the way we are.

XOXO, Karen

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