When It Seems Like God Doesn’t Care

My Bible reading this morning hit too close to home. In Judges 6, we learn about how the Israelites abandoned God in favor of other gods. They were under oppression from the Midianites, who were so cruel that the Israelites were hiding in caves and rocks. Whenever they would plant crops, the Midianites would come destroy the crops and take all the livestock. Gideon was chosen by the Lord to rescue them, and the angel of the Lord visited him. Verse 12 tells us "The angel of the Lord appeared to ... VIEW POST


The Top 10 Things I Wish We’d Known When We First Got Our Autism Diagnosis

Have you ever driven down the highway on your way to a destination and accidentally took the wrong exit? So you flip around to get back on the highway, but you can't find the right road? Our journey on this path of autism and ADHD with a side of dysgraphia has been something like that. One minute, everything is (mostly) normal and the next, you have no idea where to go or who you need to talk to... you just know you really just want to be back on the highway driving down the happy little road ... VIEW POST


God of the Ridiculous

It occurred to me that I haven't updated you in awhile. It's been at least a year. Actually, closer to a year and a half. The last time I updated you, we'd just moved into a new condo. It was new, and clean, and the kitchen was phenomenal. The stove worked. We didn't see a single ant. We made some new friends. Living in a condo in a college community meant our neighbors were usually college kids. One Sunday morning in September, I counted 32 cars parked in the cul de sac (they tend to triple ... VIEW POST


When You’re Not Really You

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get past the 16th. It was a bummer, too, because that was less than halfway. I'm talking about Genesis, here. I mean I read it. Over and over. I studied it. I mapped locations and read definitions. But I couldn't write a Bible Study past the 16th chapter. And that's got to be the worst thing ever because lemme tell ya, nobody buys HALF a Bible Study. Now truth be told, we may only read half of it because we get distracted and life, and squirrels, and you ... VIEW POST