Christian Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time in a land far far away, Mrs. Karen wrote stories for children. Then one day, she gathered up all of her stories and put them on a website so parents who AREN’T very good at coming up with stories could have something to read at night. Sometimes Mrs. Karen goes to elementary schools and reads her stories to them! And SOMETIMES she’ll even get special requests from missionaries all the way across the country to read her stories to the places where those folks live, which Mrs. Karen thinks is the coolest thing ever!

Here are some things you can find on that site:

Bedtime stories – totally, 157% made up by Mrs. Karen

Silly stories  – Yep, made up by Mrs. Karen too

Stories submitted by children – These are made up by YOU!

Devotions – Stories from the Bible, in kid-friendly language.

So are you ready? Head on over!

Looking for bedtime stories for your favorite littles? Head on over and let me tell you a story… 


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