6 Reasons You Need To Read “More Than Sales: Seeking God’s Heart For Your Direct Sales Business”

Today’s the day: February 12, 2014.
For a year, this project has been on my heart. It started last year, at our leadership retreat. I didn’t feel very leader-y. In fact, I was wondering what on earth I was doing at a leadership retreat when all I really wanted to do was throw in the towel. Every day I was met with a new challenge, a new doubt, a new fear.
I would pray… and pray… and pray some more and one day in the middle of my prayer I got an answer. It was “Are you gonna stop talking long enough to hear my answer?  Or ya just gonna keep flapping those gums?”
What a slap upside the head! So I stopped incessantly praying for my business. Instead, I prayed, and then listened for a response. I practiced being still. I searched God’s word. And little by little He
revealed His heart for not just my business but His heart for direct sellers everywhere.
And today’s the day! The day you can finally get your own copy on Amazon!!
So what now? Why do you need to read it? Here are six reasons.
1) I have no ulterior motive. It’s not written for one company so you can join my team or buy my products. It’s written for any woman of faith, from any direct sales company.
2) I didn’t write it overnight. This project took an entire year. A year of seeking. A year of listening. It’s not a flippant, willy-nilly “try this” kinda book. It was lovingly handcrafted, and edited 87,000 times. Yes. Thousand. (Okay maybe not 87,000… but every day something was being tweaked, and retweaked, and…)
3) I’m not a millionaire trying to swindle you out of your last dollar. I’m just like you. A woman with kids and a husband. I’m a sister, and a daughter, and a dreamer and a worker. A woman who knows there is more to this business than just sales, and who wants God to just reach down and breathe into her ear to “walk this way.” I don’t have a maid or a butler or an Olympic – sized pool in the backyard. God wanted to share His heart with me, just as He wants to share it with you. He still speaks to those who listen and that includes YOU!
4) Because underneath it all, God wants you to know How much He loves and believes in you. If you never sold another product ever, He wants you to know how He feels about YOU, more than your
5) He wants you to be successful not just for monetary gain, but so that through your success,  you can point others to Him! It’s okay for us to be successful. God doesn’t ever say that we shouldn’t be. But He does have a way for us to view success… success through His eyes!
6) Because at the end of the day, we’re women seeking God’s heart. And if I were a friend who had an answer to your question… if we were sitting down with your cup of coffee and my cup of cocoa… if I could speak encouragement to your ear, joy to your soul, and empowerment to your business, I would. I would share it with you, and then I would give you a squeeze and tell you I’ll see you soon, just like an old friend. That’s what it is, right here, in this book. Encouragement. Empowerment. Joy. And freedom. Waiting for you.
So I want you, when you pick up this book, to grab your coffee and prepare to listen. Listen with your ear, with your soul, and with your heart as God reveals His true heart for you.
See you soon, friend.
~ She is free…

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