God Loves Benjamin Moore Paint

You know that feeling when a friend tells you something or does something for you that is so good that you HAVE To share it with somebody? Anybody?

Let me tell you how much God Loves Benjamin Moore Paint. I have to share this with you.

First of all, God Bless whoever came up with Pinterest. For real. If you’ve seen any one of the office desks I’ve had over the years you would know how much I love a good sticky note. My Arc planner is full of them. They’re just what works for me. If you’ve been living under a rock and have not signed up for Pinterest yet, Pinterest is like a giant sticky note pad combined with a list (I have a list for EVERYTHING – just ask Hubs. I even make HIM lists.) sorted by however you want to sort it. Here’s an example:

A-pinteresting we will go…

You take all of your favorite things that you find on the web (blogs, posts, things to buy, etc) and pin them to a board of other like things. Such as “Door wreaths that I can’t make because I lack the skill.” Or ways to organize the kids’ rooms. Or even Christmas present ideas for others.

Quite a few of my boards have what I’ll call a “wish list” of things I would have in my ideal house. There is the paint color I’ve been ogling for awhile. Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments.

Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments
Is it blue? Is it Grey? Is it aqua? Who really knows. I just know it’s pretty, and we want to paint the central areas of whatever house we buy in this color.
The other day we stumbled on House No. 11 – a rental house. It’s further from work. A different school. A different town. I called the homeowner and asked if the rental listing that was two months old was still available. Yes, it was. Hubs and I made arrangements to go see it that night and meet the owner.
She was in the process of painting the bedrooms. “All of them have been painted grey,” she said, “but I still need to paint the main areas. You could choose the color if you want to.”
Oh no, she didn’t just say that. She’s just being nice.
We walked around the home and got to know this sweet lady. I won’t give the details of the home yet, but it’s a quiet neighborhood, with good schools, kids next door to play with, and A BEDROOM FOR EVERYBODY. We let her know we would talk it over and get back with her the next day. My inner being is jumping up and down at this point. I just know this is the kind of house where they WANT you to love it. They WANT you to plant flowers and hang pictures and make memories. I know because she told me to plant flowers and make memories.
She also said that daffodils pop up every spring. Why on earth would God prompt her to mention that out of nowhere – do you think He knows I have ALWAYS wanted to have spring daffodils?
Yesterday, I called and let her know that if she would have us, we would love to love her house.
She asked me again, “Is there a particular color you’d like me to paint the living room?”
Okay, Lord. She asked, so I’m answering. “Well… I don’t know where you get your paint… but we really love Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments paint color. I could bring you a chip or pay extra and maybe the place where you buy your paint would match it,” I email. (Insert skepticism here.)
She replies, “You’re in luck! My cousin owns the building supply store in town, and Benjamin Moore is the brand they carry. No problem at all.”
This is a small town. A tiny, small town. What are the odds? My innermost soul burst into tears.
We’re going from “don’t touch that, don’t unpack anything, don’t put any pictures up, don’t leave any footprint that shows you live here” in our current house to “What color can I paint this for you? Hang up as many pictures as you like.” Not even “Yes, you can paint this yourself.” But “What color can I paint this for you?”
God must love Benjamin Moore paint.
Truth be told, God loves ME.
How often we forget that God really does care about the details of our lives. We put God in a big Holy box (and He IS holy, and He does deserve reverence) thinking that our little small problems are insignificant to such a busy God. They’re not insignificant. He DOES want to be involved. He does know the deepest desires of our hearts. Not just a paint color, but what that paint color means. Someone who cares. A place to call our own. A footprint in the sand. A home to come home to relax and exhale from the breaths we’ve held for the past few years. Kids next door to play with. (I’m hoping that they’re nice but I have a sneaky suspicion they will be.)
God doesn’t always say, “I want you to move to this exact address in small town USA.” Sometimes he takes us blindly through the wilderness to get to the Promised Land trusting in nothing but promises that He knows the plans He has for us. Sometimes the journey involves college dorms, ant farms, horrible rental companies, and 1,000 closed doors that should not be closed before you get to the place that’s painted your favorite color with your favorite flowers planted in the front.
God loves us that much. Yes, even when we forget. 
An even more interesting note? The verse of the day, (as in, I didn’t go searching for it, it was already pre-selected in my verse-of-the-day app) that I’d shared with a friend to encourage HER at almost midnight last night. Any guesses as to what it might be? Oh you already know, don’t you…
Even the little things. Because everything about you matters to God. Even Benjamin Moore Paint.


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    This post made me smile. Thank you for the reminder that God cares about the details- I needed it today!

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    “Sometimes he takes us blindly through the wilderness to get to the Promised Land trusting in nothing but promises that He knows the plans He has for us.” Whew, I needed to read this today. I wrote something similar this week. Seems God is speaking to me :) ~visiting from #TellHisStory

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    Love your post!! Just wrote a long comment which disappeared so at the risk of repeating myself, God loves bm paint that is a fact and you write so well and let’s be friends and I wish you could come by and help me with my Pinterest boards! Found your post on blogging community (;

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