How Can We Help Our Fellow Christians, Part 1

August 9, 2014: It is so hard to write this post today.
I learned today of Christian children in Iraq who are being beheaded for their faith in God. Beheaded.  And combine that with the 200 Nigerian girls that were kidnapped from their Christian school and have yet to be returned to their families. Only heaven and hell knows what has happened to these girls since their capture.
Everything else that I have to say seems so trivial.
Our problems are not problems… what’s for supper, where to park, what to wear for work or school… they’re so trivial, these “so-called” needs of ours.. I can’t imagine someone taking my children at gunpoint, or asking my child to stop loving Jesus or face being beheaded. I would think the sheer terror would scare them so badly they’d be terrified to stand up for their beliefs. Are they strong enough to stand? Have I equipped them? A time may come even in the US when I have to stand up for my beliefs and they end up motherless. Will they stand up in my place? I hope I don’t ever have to answer.
Tomorrow is soccer sign-ups. Next week is junior cheerleading and dance sign-ups. I find myself asking what benefit doing these things have for God’s kingdom. I just can’t get the innocence of these babies out of my head… and asking myself, are the things that we’re spending time on helping others or just helping ourselves? If it’s just helping ourselves, how can we become a the type of Christian that thinks less of ourselves and more of others? Because truly, I want to just go over to these countries and scoop them all up to bring them to the US for safety.
I think these are some good ways to start. These are things we can ALL do to help.
  1. Make their plight known. If we know about it, someone somewhere has a way they can help.
  2. Be strong in your own faith. Discuss God in your homes and how He helps you make everyday decisions.
  3. Tell your kids about how other people in these other countries have to live.  Let them know people die, even children, for choosing to follow Jesus.
  4. Pray for your fellow Christians, AND for your enemies, that someone may be able to lead them to the truth.
  5. Be thankful for how good we have it, and be willing to help if a ministry presents itself that can further God’s kingdom rather than our own.
  6. Stand up for other Christians here at home. Should I repeat it? STAND UP FOR OTHER CHRISTIANS HERE AT HOME. Stick up for the child who wants to pray at school or the lady who want to put up a US flag at work, or the one who wants to go to church and has the freedom to choose from a dozen within walking distance. Because if you don’t?  If WE don’t?  It will be OUR children who will have to choose between life and death in following Jesus.


She Is Free… For Now.

photo credit: Michael Fleshman via photopin cc

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