*SHE* goes to church?

Note: Names may be changed to protect the innocent.
So the other day, dear hubby and I happen upon an event at a neighboring church.  We walk in, fully intent on leaving our precious children in the care of the nursery.  Let me say that I’ve been told I do not have a good poker face, so I’m pretty sure the “I’m so clueless” face was working it at that moment in time.  Next thing we know, we’re being ushered in by Madame X, who says hello and follows with “Oh, I recognize your kids from such-and-such, where our kids used to go together.  Yours will be right down the hall.”  And she points us off in the right direction.   Good thing, as walking away gave me time to pick my jaw up off the floor.  She goes to church?  You’re kidding.  This woman not only never says a civil word while our children are in the same activity, she never
even responds to a hello!  No smiles.  No warm southern charm.  I’d even settle for annoying bubbliness.  Nope, nada.  Well, wonders never cease.
Hubby and I head on off to the event, children safely delivered, and low and behold, who is in the choir loft but Madame X!  I fight the urge to fix my eyes on her in the “oh my gosh, what is she doing up there?  Does the rest of the church know how this woman is in the general public?!?” manner and follow along in the hymnal, praying for the Lord to help me focus on the speaking.
Throughout the day and into the coming week, Madame X stayed on my mind.  Not because she surprised me by being in church, or in choir.  I began to wonder about the circumstances surrounding Madame X – the activity our kids were in together was in the evening, and she’d obviously worked earlier in the day.  Was she frazzled?  Preoccupied with what was going to be on the table that night?  Does she have aging parents that she worries about, financial burdens, or problems with her spouse?  Maybe this was her only 45 minutes of personal time to herself each week, and she relished being alone in her own thoughts at that time.     
And then I began to wonder how many people in my life-circle would be surprised if they saw me in church.  People that only see me as I’m rushing home in a hurry with no time to stop after a day’s work, or drivers in front of me who are going under the speed limit (and maybe receive the wrinkled-eyebrow-stare) when I have somewhere to be, or someone that I haven’t shared the gospel with, who thinks I’m just a happy person… not necessarily that my joy comes from the Lord.     
Who in the Bible was misjudged at first?  Who have I misjudged among my acquaintances?  And who have I sat next to each week for two years without ever striking up a conversation about God?  Lord, help me to speak your word without speaking a word.  Forgive me for judging others, and give me patience and mercy that I may not judge prematurely, for *I* am not You, and not equipped to do that task which belongs to only You.

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