Through The Desert Series: Exodus

Through The Desert, Week 4: How We Get Out

For those of you stuck in the middle of the desert… I feel you. I feel your pain. I hear your heart and know exactly how it is to be exactly where you are. Why are you stuck here? (Because God says so.) What did you do to deserve this? (Nothing.) And the most important question: How do we get out? You're not going to like this answer. It's not a quick fix. Listen up, friend. I've been there. I've been stuck in the desert, waiting and waiting, and waiting on God to bring me out of a (in ... VIEW POST

Through the Desert Week 3: Why We Can’t Move

I can barely remember what I did last Thursday, let alone two weeks ago. So much happens in a week, a month, or even a year, and a year involving tragedy or loss can seem even longer. When we're in our desert, any amount of time is too long. Imagine if you wandered for forty years. That's how long the Israelites traveled through the desert on their way to the Promised Land. A trip that should have taken just a few weeks instead took one THOUSAND TIMES longer than it should have. Bear in mind, ... VIEW POST

desert 2

Through the Desert Week 2: What’s In Our Desert

Have you ever moved? Who am I kidding, of course you have. My family's moved several times, and it always works the same way. We get the keys to the new place, move everything in, and assess which boxes need to be unpacked right away vs what can wait until later. (And yes, if we're honest, a year or two can pass until the last few boxes are unpacked.) A few days of putting the immediate needs away, and we're in the car, driving around the neighborhood to see where the nearest pizza place, ... VIEW POST