Hindsight & Handprints – Shattered Magazine

How do you know that your future will be okay? That even through the rough patches, you will be alright? For me, it’s a matter of looking back and seeing handprints – the transfer of God’s DNA to me as He held me in His hands assures me that yes, He’s got this moment covered as well. 

You can read more in the Winter copy of Shattered Magazine. I got my copies at Books A Million, you know, so I could send one to my bff and have one for the kids to read that isn’t my normal subscription and so I won’t flip out if there is chocolate on the pages or a fingerprint smudge on the pictures, but you can subscribe and get ALL the goodness inside as well! And yes, because I was totally psyched that my name was on the cover. I didn’t buy out the whole store. But I wanted to. And I totally also wanted to point out to the man behind the BAM counter that that was MY name on the cover but I didn’t. Because that would be so dorky. Next time, Mr. BAM guy, next time.
Cheering For you,
photo credit: Shattered Magazine

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