Whatever Happened to Big Blue

I was so sure she was the one. I could see the kids running up and down the stairs Christmas morning, playing hide and seek in the secret stairwell. But something funny happened while I was praying for this house. 
Early on, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to go this house every day for 30 days and pray over it. I did. In fact, some days I stalked, I mean visited the house to pray over it more than once. I even walked on the grass barefoot in prayer.
 In the beginning, my prayers were, “Lord, we love this house…” I’d tell Him how I saw the children playing in it and how I saw the garage apartment being used as a business office for our travel agency. I prayed, “Lord, help us get this house.”

About two weeks in, I realized my prayers had changed from “I want and I think YOU want, and I know you have the power so please get it for me” to “Lord, I love this house but I love you more. Please help us find the RIGHT house that you want us to have.” 
By week three, I was still praying but we’d started visiting other houses. Round about week four, it started getting colder and judging by the amount if was costing to heat our rental house per square foot, hubs and I knew that we’d be paying nearly a full mortgage amount just for utilities on Big Blue. Within a couple of weeks, we’d stopped talking about Big Blue and began viewing several other homes in the area, even putting an offer on three over a month’s span. They all fell through for one reason or another, and we know now that it’s because we have another move ahead. 
Isn’t it funny how we can be SO SURE that we know what we want for us?  

Like Big Blue. I just knew she was the one. But to put it bluntly, God knows things we don’t. He sees our entire future, where we just see today. Right now.   

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isa 55:9

As Paul Harvey would put it, “And that’s the rest of the story.” And as God moves us to a new house in a new town, we are super excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. I have a feeling it’s not the end of Big Blue, but the beginning of an entirely new adventure.  
Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. 

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