Just When You Think It’s Another “Confessions of a Bad Mom” Post

Dear Moms Who Are New To The Special Needs Arena... and everybody else who stumbled into this post, We're walking through this new thing together. Feeling it out. Making mistakes. You and me and them. Let me tell you about this week. It started out not so great. Not great at all. And then Wednesday came. And God brought this amazing gift and plunked it into my lap. It's VBS (Vacation Bible School) week at church. I'm working the registration desk, and also a group leader (i.e. the one who ... VIEW POST


Confessions of a Bad Mom: The Way Back

Fine, since you've twisted my arm I'll tell you. I'm mad. Mad that my son no longer loves God the way he did when things were simpler. Mad that his ADHD and Asperger's has stolen the joy from him and now he's always. ALWAYS. Glass-half-empty. I'm sad that the boy who used to love to say grace and prayers each night is now the boy who doesn't see a reason to pray "because God sees him all day anyway." And I'm mad at myself because I let it happen. (I'm sure it was one time when I was busy ... VIEW POST


To The Mom Facing A Learning Disability Diagnosis

Dear Mama, There's this path we're all on called Motherhood. In the beginning, most of us set out following the same path. Hospital. Birth pictures. Going-home outfit. Strapping the sweetest little bundles of heaven into these gargantuan plastic carriers, designed specifically to keep those bundles safe. Everything we do is for them from that point on. The right bottles. The right binkie. The perfect crib, and the softest blankets. We feed and clothe and stroll down the Motherhood path ... VIEW POST