Free to Rest

I used to have a colleague who would say, “You’ll get all the sleep you need when you’re dead.” We worked in an industry where it was not uncommon for people to work 12 and 14 hour days. Our customers and suppliers were all over the world and even though the time zones could be off by hours, we were expected to respond to their needs and resolve any issues. That was rough on a young marriage and even rougher when new babies came into the picture. I am sure there are several bald spots that can be attributed to that job alone!

It’s easy to tell ourselves that work or home needs trump our personal needs, that we can rest later, catch up later, or that resting isn’t all that important to begin with.

But resting is important.

Genesis 1 explains how God created the earth and defined its contents. Everything was made in order, from the stars we use to mark the days and seasons to the vegetation, animals, and even humans.

Just one flower alone… the stamens, the stems, the petals. He created them all, plus fruit trees, and grasses, and all vegetation in just one day. Another day was spent creating giraffes and dolphins and zebras, lions, and mosquitos.  Dry land, including mountains, and deserts, and plains. All of that in another day. Each day was amazing in and of itself. Each creation was a miracle, and each day filled with hundreds and thousands of these individual miracles. And then the seventh day. Could God have said he created the earth and all that was in it in six days? Of course. Why do you think He even bothered to tell us He rested to begin with? Because it’s important. Resting from work was part of His work.

Everything in the Bible has a purpose for our ears to hear it, including God telling us how HE rested after creating the earth. Resting on the seventh day lets us know that it is important to God and is vital to our physical, emotional,  and spiritual needs. Resting after a time of work is not just a rest from the cycle of work. It’s part of the cycle. 

As we start the New Year, I pray you will remember to rest. To vacation. To escape. To center. And that in each of those, you draw closer to the God who loves you.

She is free… to rest.


~ Karen

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