Are We There Yet?

If you have children, or were ever a child at some point in your life, you’ve heard it before. It could be twenty minutes in, or five hours in, but somewhere between your starting point and your destination, a slightly whiny yet somewhat hopeful voice emits from behind your right ear “Are we there yet?”. Depending on your mood and the number of times you’ve already heard it, your response could vary from “No, sweetie, not yet” to a low growl. My kids are 4. They've already been on several ... VIEW POST

*SHE* goes to church?

Note: Names may be changed to protect the innocent.So the other day, dear hubby and I happen upon an event at a neighboring church.  We walk in, fully intent on leaving our precious children in the care of the nursery.  Let me say that I've been told I do not have a good poker face, so I'm pretty sure the "I'm so clueless" face was working it at that moment in time.  Next thing we know, we're being ushered in by Madame X, who says hello and follows with "Oh, I recognize your kids ... VIEW POST

Microwave Jesus

The microwave has to be one of our greatest inventions. What greater convenience than to pop a frozen lasagna in the microwave while you quiz Emma on her spelling words, fold clothes with one hand, and feed the dog with the other? Twenty minutes later, you have a piping hot morsel, ready to dish out. Dinner: Check! Ah, convenience. With so many things on our agendas anymore, there's no time for a REAL meal, and besides, the microwave meal is just as good, isn't it? Recently, I ... VIEW POST

God loveth a waffler

“God loveth a waffler”.  I think that verse is just before “God loveth a cheerful giver”. Admit it, you know who you are.  If you’re like me, daily, sometimes hourly, you are conversing with the Lord, “Okay Lord, would you like me to make this major life decision, or this one over here?”  And then I wait.  And wait.  Maybe if I look up towards heaven, God will know that I REALLY need an answer on this one.  And then it comes back to me: silence.  Hmmm.  ... VIEW POST