Club Defeat

This girl. She is my heart.
Little Me (LM for short) has such a big heart for people, feelings, and words. Here in our new town she was really struggling.  We’ve always taught kindness and strength and inner beauty, and here… she’s struggling with bullies and the strength to know who she is despite what other kids say. We’ve talked about fact (how she’s on the honor roll) vs fiction (when other kids call her stupid) and how to react to that. It’s more than that, though.
Everything from people saying bad words at school (that was fun to explain when she came home and said “Mama, the kids at school won’t stop saying ~ insert expletive here ~ when I’m around

even when I ask them to stop) to people at church not moving over to make room for her in the pew, to name calling, fights at school, and kids putting their hands on other kids’ bodies inappropriately.

I reminded her that sometimes people are mean. Even grownups are mean. You’ll have that anywhere you go. What are we gonna do about it? We can complain, we can move, or we can change it. What do you think? 
One day last week, LM came home with a plan to start a club.
Involving boys AND girls, because as she says, “Boys get bullied too.” A club that will reach out to each other and encourage each other. Maybe have a devotion once a week and meet before school.
  • A plan for inclusion, not exclusion.
  • Reach out.
  • Help others.
  • Create a sense of community.
  • Cover yourselves in prayer.
Since last week we have gotten permission from one of the teachers to use her classroom and we’re just waiting on buy-in from the principal. I’ll post any updates here, and if we are allowed devotions, I’ll post those for YOU so you can start your own club where you live.
Club Defeat’s name may change based on the rules of the school. Even if it does, one thing I am sure of?
How proud I am of LM.

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