Mission Possible Enemy #2: Fear

Learn: Mission Possible – Matthew 19:26 – with God all things are possible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it Dream Team, is to use the next few days to identify and conquer the things in your life that make success seem imPossible.

Enemy #2: Fear

Fear can consume us in our lives and our businesses – fear of calling back the customer who needs to make a return. Fear of making booking calls. Fear of rejection. Fear of not taking a leadership class because you don’t know if you’re cut out for it. Fear of failure. Fear of letting yourself down, your family, your upline, or your team. Fear of leaving your kids while you go to parties. Fear of speaking in public, fear of not seeming intelligent, or not knowing all of the answers.

But fear is not godly. Think about your obstacles, and how God expects you to need help from him. If our lives were very easy, would we need God? Sometimes our valleys are allowed just so we can turn to God and ask for His help. Think about Ruth, the Moabitess. After her husband died, she made the choice to return with her mother-in-law, Naomi, to the city of Bethlehem. I know you’ve heard that story before, and living with your MIL may be insane enough for some! Then you realize that the Moabites (Ruth’s people) were hated by the Israelites. Don’t you think Ruth feared the possibility of rejection from Naomi’s people? Yet what she saw in Naomi, and the God of Naomi was enough to set aside her fear and follow her newfound faith. Because of her obedience, she ended up with the opportunity of a lifetime by marrying a godly man named Boaz, and having a child who became the grand-father of King David! How do you think her life would be different if she let fear consume her?

Throughout time, God has asked people to step out of their comfort zone – and facing your fears is one way of doing that. What impossibility is standing in your way? And what about Peter? When Jesus called Peter out on the water with him, Peter didn’t start to fear until he put his focus on himself and his circumstances, rather than the one who was holding his hand. Is fear holding you back? Are you too afraid to step out of the boat? God’s word tells us over and over to “fear not”. It’s pretty direct. Not “it’s okay to be scared”, but an order to fear NOT. When we step back into the boat because we’re afraid, we’re missing out on something glorious that God has ahead for us. Isn’t that what faith is – trusting your needs, your cares, and your fears to the only one who can help you overcome them?


Where have you been holding back out of fear? Can you confess aloud to God in your quiet time today what that fear is, and ask for His help to overcome it?

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