Mission Possible

Today I am on a wonderful leadership trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country with my Thirty-One Gifts crew. Last year I won the Virtuous Woman of the Year Award, which came with it a wonderful gift for this years’s trip. I am in charge of the devotions for the retreat! The subject is Mission: Possible, and our focus verse is With God all things are possible.

I stopped to think about all of the background “noise” that makes things impossible in our own eyes and narrowed those down to four. Fear, doubt, self-confidence, and self were the four enemies that needed to be identified and conquered to turn our mission from impossible to possible!

I will share these with you over the next four days. While I could have printed out or copied someone else’s devotions, I chose to write my own and pray that something I say is relevant for them, and helps them be a better person, consultant, and Jesus follower. Whether you’re in direct sales or not, I hope you can use these and apply them as well!


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