We All Have Greatness

wpid-img_20150525_225036.jpgEach year at our 31 Gifts National Conference, our leader comes up with a new theme for her team. Not only does the entire team then wear a shirt with that logo on it to identify us as belonging under the wing of our leader, but also that theme somehow ties into our businesses or lives for the year.Last year’s theme was “In the Presence of Greatness.” We were to look amongst our 31 sisters for guidance and a helping hand in our own businesses, because we didn’t need to look to just the higher-ups for guidance.
Everything we needed, we already had among us. WE were the greatness.
Today I was lucky enough to have a 10-hour drive by myself for a business trip. While I was driving, I got to thinking about some friends, and some things I had recently learned about them. Like Alicia, who wrote and published a bible study, or Heather, who wrote a book about the space shuttle that just went to print.
My friend, Nickie, who works full time as a software developer, and works her 31 business so she can fulfill her daughter’s dream of dancing professionally. Another friend who has a new baby, husband who works out of town, family who lives several states away, and a questionable job to come back to after her leave thanks to a corporate takeover. She is great. My friend Karen, who dreams of adopting a child one day and adding to her already wonderful family, and my other friend  who lost her beautiful, precious daughter a year ago in a tragic accident and somehow still finds beauty in every day. They are great.You see, greatness doesn’t come in titles or in job descriptions. Greatness lies within every one of us, if we can only see it. God himself calls us great in Luke 7:28. He says: No one in history surpasses John the Baptist, but in the kingdom he prepared you for, the lowliest person is ahead of him.” And Romans 8:31 says “If God be for us, who could be against us?” Now think on those two together. God says even if we THINK we are the lowest person on earth, God places us above one of the greatest men in bible history. HE thinks you’re great! And to top it off, if God is on your side, how can you fail? The simple answer is, we can’t. Greatness lies in the things we overcome, the women we are, the strength we have, and the God who loves us enough to walk with us during each of those things.

So go ahead. Be great today. Because you already are.


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