Walkin’ the Talk…

So I have this book coming out, right?  It’s pretty cool. (I’m kinda partial, can you tell?) One of the chapters talks about having faith that God still has a plan for our business even when someone else’s business is successful.
I hosted our local Celebrate and Connect meeting this week. Lo and behold, there is Sally Seller as she lives and breathes! And she asks me “Do you live in such and such neighborhood?” Want to know why she asked me that? Because she lives in such and such neighborhood! Oh my gosh!
Let me tell you Sally Seller has phenomenal sales. Sales anyone would covet. Sally and the rest of the gang were kind enough to share their tips and advice for growing their businesses this spring, and we had a great meeting!
As I was driving off toward home, there it was. That little whisper from Satan saying, “You might as well give up now. She’s in your neighborhood! You have nowhere left to find new business.” My heart just dropped and I felt like an armadillo in the road, flat on his back, legs all flapping in the breeze and unable to get back up if its life depended on it.
My thoughts went back to my book and the direction I’d given my readers to truly seek God’s Heart for their business, not for Sally’s business. And you know what I heard?
“Well. Do you trust me or not?”
You see, it’s easy to tell someone to trust God under the circumstances. But when push comes to shove are we really walking the talk? Better yet do I believe the words God breathed into that book? 
I have no choice but to. I have to trust Him. My faith depends on it! So I, along with the rest of my readers, are walking the talk not just talkin’ about it. I’m excited to see God provide for BOTH of us. I will not be inhabited by fear. I will not be afraid to move. I will not doubt God’s ability and desire to answer my prayers. I will not be stuck in the mud waiting for something else because I think He has moved on from my dreams. Because my God is sufficient to fulfill both her dreams and mine. What a mighty, mighty God we serve that He can provide for ALL of His children!
She is free… to really, truly, undoubtedly trust her Jesus,
~ Karen

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